Being single ! Ah yes 🤔……… A topic that I know all to well💁. In light of some friends getting engaged the last 2 weeks, I thought I would celebrate the fact I have been single now for 4 years and I have to say it has truely been an absolute delight really 😂. So I am Italian but for an Italian family my parents aren’t old school and have never put pressure on me to “geta married havi bebi” but as far as the older aunties and uncles and well my Nonna they didn’t really get the memo 🤦🏼‍♀️ . Oh boy how they didn’t get the memo😂. Let me just start by saying that I like to put shit on myself about being a 30 year old single gal 💁 because sometimes it’s frankly easier than feeling a little sad about being single. Most of my cousins and friends are either engaged, married or have like 4 kids and then there is me, a chubby or “chuvvy” as Nonna likes to say 😂 (don’t worry I own it girl 💁) 30 year old, single women having her Nonna tell you that ” Zio got a nicey boy from Italy comey to visity “.  😂 Its like they are waiting for you to say “oh yes thanks Nonna let’s start planning the wedding right now !”. So I tell you now it has been a loooooonnnggg time since I have gotten to know a man and due to this, whenever a man may approach me I end up making a face like Chandler Bing taking a photo😂(oh how I love a good friends quote). Let me tell you guys it ain’t a pretty sight and there ain’t no sassy girl around at that point in time 🙅.

My family and friends laugh at me because I say that one day I am going to be on the farm baking while my husband🤵🏽is rounding up the horses and I yell ” honey dinner is ready ” and the kids come running to me and give me a big hug  then in comes my big hunk of spunk of a man who comes up behind me and starts licking me on my face 😂and that’s when I wake up to the dog licking my face because apparently I was just dreaming about life in 1950 😂. Although I still have this dream and I still want someone to be the biscuit to my coffee👫, I am still happy in the meantime that I am waiting. I just want to encourage all you beautiful souls out there who are still looking for your Mr or your Mrs be patient and give yourself the chance to really find your own happiness.

I know it’s an incredibly cliche thing to say but during this time that you are on your own find what makes you happy. Try to find your own happiness. A happiness that the only person you are relying on is yourself. People will always disappoint you because we are all human💛. Look back at your previous relationships you have been in and why they did not succeed. For me, I know that the unhappiness I felt in my life because I was holding on to things that I been through and it put a massive strain on my relationship and how I dealt with situations.

Singletons be happy with where you’re at now and don’t feel envy toward those who are in relationships just because you are a single bee 🙋(ok ok, yes we may occasionally say’ oh stupid couples’ when your having a laugh with your single posse👯👯) Be happy for those who have found love.

In the mean time you just have to embrace those moments  when the old Zia and Zio (Aunty and Uncle) and Nonna and Nonno call you over, hold your hand with force, look up at you with those broken hearted eyes and say “Please darli, please, findi yourself a boyfrenk” 😂 – ahhh………. the never ending story!

So it comes to the end of the single talk and I leave you now with a last little note saying embrace this time with yourself. Find your long lasting happiness. Remember a partner is a gift that adds love and happiness to a life that is already full of joy.💛