Someone recently said to me “ Oh you WERE always so nice and skinny, I guess it’s the medications you have to be on that changed that”🤦‍♀️😂. I am never quite sure how to respond to those type of comments ” oh thanks so much I’m trying this new thing to see how many ‘you got chubby’ comments I can get” . No, no. That doesn’t sound right. How about “I thought I’d spice the judgement up a little by throwing on the kilos”😂. Nope that’s not the right response either! The most appropriate answer is just to say “Thanks”🤦‍♀️😂.

In light of this recent comment I thought I would write about knowing your health, your weight and who you are.

There will always be people who know you or that see you on social media or just a stranger walking down the street who is going to draw their own conclusions about you and your lifestyle. Unfortunately, every single one of us without really realising it are going to form some sort of opinion about a person without truly knowing the circumstances of a persons life 🙊.

That skinny girl/guy may have an eating disorder, the other may work really really hard to keep herself/himself looking fit because for her/him, the body doesn’t break down foods all that well. That chubby girl/guy may have health problems preventing her/him to be as trim as she/he once was. The other may have lost someone close to her/him that has affected their mental health. There are so many individual stories and just because we see the exteriors of a person it doesn’t mean you know what’s going on in that life🤷‍♀️. Just remember that just like no one really knows what’s going on deep down within you, you have no idea what’s going on deep down within that frail girls life or that man with a big belly’s life and so on, (You get it because you is smart and wise 🤗) . Judgement doesn’t lift people up, it just sinks people a little further into insecurities that may be just under the surface.

For people in my life, they may see me as the skinny girl who got “chubby”, but that skinny girl 🙋‍♀️ would run for hours after eating a piece of chocolate, starve herself for 2 days after having a bowl of pasta and would make herself sick after eating her meals (which unfortunately left my body not working the way it should have been). This is why it’s so important to love your body because it has your best interest at heart. Fuel your body, don’t neglect it. For me, as this “chubby” girl , I hold my hand in the air and my head held high 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️when I say I welcome my new addition -the double chinian to my face family, rather proudly 😂. I am a girl who got ✨HEALTHY✨. I know my health and I know my weight. What about you?

Only you can determine your health and your weight. You know your situation. You know whether you are just being too lazy to get your health on track or whether you may have underlining issues that make you “too skinny” or “too chubby”. Be true to who you are darl, because in the end, judgements from others will never go away, unfortunately. But knowing who you are will always stay, if you have the confidence to not let the words or even worse, lack of words that other people draw as truth determine the person you are💛.

Your health and your weight is your business and your responsibility. Take control of your health for yourself, not for what others expect of you. If you know that the choices you make for your lifestyle are not the correct ones, start slowly changing them. It can be hard to cold turkey a habit so if you are truely wanting to change a habit for YOURSELF then start with one change a week but remember to always do it for yourself.


Lastly I leave this with you this little sentence.

💛Just remember before you look at someone else and draw your own conclusions of that individuals life, think about the conclusions others make of you. EVERYONE  has a valuable life story, so listen , don’t assume 💛.