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My name is Krystle Russo and I live in Sydney, Australia. A year ago I started up a health and wellbeing business called Active Silhouettes Health & Wellbeing. Let me tell you! I had no idea I would end up being a little blogger gal (insert sassy girl emoji here). I have always loved writing and taking photos, I have like 3 half written books and enough photos to cover New York City(do you like how I slipped New York City in there! Bit obsessed! You’ll see!) but who knew this is where life would take me.  When starting my business I had the intentions of inspiring beautiful people such as yourself to love themselves as well as running my bootcamps.  I begun to start posting about my 14 year journey of bullmia nervosa and how i recovered ,the ups and downs of my struggle with PCOS, asthma, anxiety and migraines as well and encouraging post. Next thing, I am writing big bible essays on every post (add a little praising hands emoji Thankyou). So now ladies and gentlemen we have the birth of The Soul Of Me, it’s all about the unexpected I say!  Lets face it though, this gal will never stop writing big instagram posts, its just in my blood to chat and chat and chat.

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