Road trip! Two words that generally begin in movies with an incredibly over excited high pitch voice😂 followed by a little hand and hip wiggle, but then, in walks a very unwelcome guest “Hi my name is reality and I’m here to crush your road trip dream!!” 😂..  Over this Easter break we headed back to a little country town called Mildura where I grew up. It’s about a 12 hour drive 🚗   (Truckers, I have no idea how you can drive the long day like you do but you guys are absolute legends✌) and long drives are never what they seem like in the movies. Let’s face it, 12 hours with me being a weirdo would be a lot to handle 🙋‍(Am I right?? Am I right ! Yes I am right!) Not to mention my massive anxiety on the road. A while back my sister and I had a car accident and since then I have been a massive ball breaker ( I take full responsibility for that ! 😂 My bad ray ). So this takes me to what I wanted to talk about in this blog. As you may know by now, my blogs are a little personal because it is important to me to be authentic and be true to who I am . For me I am not afraid to show the real me and my experiences IF I know that it’s able to encourage at least one person out there💛.  Since moving away from  Mildura, I have always had really bad anxiety when I would go back and visit. Despite all the beautiful memories, there was also sadness there for me. In my teen years, I had a huge life changing, traumatic experience that began a part of my life where I lost my footing (Don’t worry I didn’t loose my inner weirdo for very long 😂🙋‍). Insecurity, lack of trust and anxiety became very apparent in my life and took a toll on the people I cared about. All these memories made visiting my old town a high anxiety trip. This recent trip was different though with nothing but happiness as I drove through the town.

  It’s been a year since I had been back there and during that time, I have learn’t to let go of the hurts in your past and stop stewing on them. I know it’s harder said then done but you have to find a way to let go for your heart’s sake 😊(Ok I’m sounding like a 70’s stoner right now 😂 where is my bandana and peace sign tshirt😂). My point of this blog today is trying to overcome anxiety. It will take you down. For me anxiety is like you’re drowning in a big, long, deep, dark concrete well, but in actual fact, you have just stepped through a small puddle.  I just wanted to give a few tips those of you who may be struggling with anxiety, these are just a few things that really helped me in the past. Remember, I am not a professional but these are just somethings that have helped me.

✅ Number 1 and kind of big one is Exercise and Walking. Exercise isn’t just for looking good on the outside, it is also for your mental state. When you exercise, it starts to stimulate anti-anxiety effects. It helps you to feel fresh and well within, which will help your with your anxieties.

✅ Grab a note pad and every day for 10 minutes write whatever is in your head. It’s only for you so you don’t have to make it all professional because it’s just purely for you to put all your anxieties that are floating around on your head to paper.

✅ Facing your anxieties. Yes, it’s easier said than done but try one anxiety per week.  In that little note pad of yours write down or really start thinking of what is the underlying cause of you feeling anxious in this certain situation. For example with my anxiety on the road, I always needed to be the one driving otherwise I had anxiety but when I started to make myself sit in the back seat and found a distraction, it slowly helped me break down that anxiety in the car(Let me tell you, this gal 🙋‍ still gets a tad on edge but I’m 90% there).

✅ That happy bouncy music. Find a song that makes you so happy, a really feel good song that you know when you hear it just puts a smile on your face. Make it your song that you put on when you are feeling that heightened anxiety. It will help just to relax your breathing and take the focus off a little.

✅ There have been times where I just needed something quick to stop my anxiety and that is a little tiny bottle called Rescue Remedy. The brand is called Bach Flower . You can get it at most pharmacies. I haven’t had to use it in a while but it’s a tiny bottle that you can pop in your bag for those times that you need it. My doctor was actually the one who recommended this product for me because she knew I liked natural products.

I hope these little tips can help you in some way.  Yes, yes, I know this was a bit more of a serious blog but hey this gal 🙋‍ believe it or not, knows how to take it down a bit 😂.


Thankyou for reading lovelies, I will chat to you next time!

Until next time 💛